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Pokemon Plush Toy – Collection Series 01
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Pokemon Plush Toy – Collection Series 01



Product material: Plush

Product filling: 100% high quality PP cotton

Weight: (approximately) 0.15 – 0.5 kg

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Cute Pokemon Plush Toy


Product material: Plush

Product filling: 100% high quality PP cotton

Weight: (approximately) 0.15 – 0.5 kg



  1. Maybe the color of the real product is a little different from the picture due to lighting effects and camera use for taking the picture
  2. Since this product is measured manually, there may be an error of 1 – 3 cm.
  3. Please reach us out if you would like to have a look from the other side before deciding to buy (front, side and back)


Cute Pokémon Plush Collections

What do you think about a Pokémon plush? For a Pokémon lovers and trainers alike, plush toy is a must have collection. As you know, Pokémon is a cute species or creature that you cannot really get them in this real life. However, there are many toys and accessories that are inspired by this character. Plush Toys are one of them. So, are you interested to buy these cute Pokémon plush toy which will come in 3D and fluffy as per what you seen on movie?


Numerous Pokémon Characters

The most popular Pokémon character is indeed Pikachu. It is a kind of animal in yellow with a shape that is quite like the rabbit. It has brown colours on the tips of its long ears. Meanwhile, red circles are on its cheek just like the girls with blush on. Pikachu is famous since it is indeed the icon of Pokémon creatures. Meanwhile, it is owned by the protagonist character of the anime. But you must know as well that there are many other types of Pokémon. They are created in various shapes and colours; many of them are looks peluche, cute and many others look creepy as well. Whatever the Pokémon characters you want, they are available our Pokemon Plush Toys Collections. We have many characters with different size. Smallest size around 10cm and biggest size is 100cm. You can have a look on their cuteness in our collections.



Our plush toys are made from high quality cotton materials that make them soft and smooth. Besides that, the fabric cannot be easily torn off so that it will not cause any allergy at all. It is 100% save for children gift and most important thing, children will love it due to its cuteness. For trainer alike, we are sure you cant resist to have it once you checked the collection out and have a look yourself there. Our plush toys size various, it depends on what character you choose. The height approximately starts from 10 cm while the length and width are various depending on your selected Pokémon character. The colours are same too, it would be based on the original characters. Some Pokemon would be short but have long tail while the other Pokemon would be tall but have no tail at all. Weigh for each Pokemon is various, start from 50gram (for smallest with height 10cm) until 3kg (for biggest size with height 100cm). We also have several sizes available for same character. And sometimes, same character will have different looks if they have different size. Of course, you can also find the sweet Pikachu there.


If you have doubt on how it will looks like and want to have a look further before deciding to buy, do not feel hesitate to contact us and leave message thru our support center for what specific character you would like to see further. We will revert to you as soon as possible with another side look for your reference.


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