Electric Pressure Washer – Cordless & Portable with High Pressure 30 – 60 bar and Lithium Battery
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Electric Pressure Washer – Cordless & Portable with High Pressure 30 – 60 bar and Lithium Battery




Type A :No battery 21v

Type B : 21v 5 Series motor

Type C : 25v 5 Series motor

Type D : 25v 7 Series motor

Color: Black
Material: ABS and Copper
Product pressure:30 bar-60bar

Water Flow: 4 L/Min-8L/min
Charger Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Length Of Water Pipe: 5 Meter
Range: 2-3 Meters

1. Powerful all-copper motor, automatic shutdown and start-stop.
2. Portable self-priming, faster and stronger, built-in stainless steel fine filter, highly effective and deep

filtering of impurities in the water.
3. The water gun can switch the water type at will, and the water flow can be adjusted gradually from small to

large by replacing the nozzle, and the fan-shaped and direct water line adjustment can be switched at will.
4. Powerful battery life, lithium battery greatly extends the service life of the machine
5. Intelligent induction variable frequency motor, water spray motor automatically starts, stop water spray

motor automatically stops.
6. It can be used as wash water gun, garden irrigation tools.
7. Ideal for garden watering, agricultural irrigating, car washing, household cleaning and so on.
8. Universal battery socket,the universal battery socket is used, making it more convenient to buy spare

batteries. If you need to buy batteries, please contact customer service and confirm before purchasing.

Package Include:
(Shipment according to the Type you choose)

1 * Car Washing Machine
1 * 0° Nozzle
1 * 40° Nozzle x1
1 * Foam Pot
1 * Extension Rod
1 * 5M Water Pipe
1 * Introduction Manual
1 * Lithium Battery (Optional)
1 * Battery Charger (Optional)


Adapted to these 18V Makita battery type:
√ compatible for 18V B series lithium battery,such as BL1850B(197285-8),BL1840B(197270-1),

√ compatible for BL1850,BL1840,BL1440(196391-6),BL1415(194560-3),BL1815N(196781-3);

Not Fit:
× NOT compatible for G Series battery such as BL1813G(196663-9)/ BL1413G(196882-7)/ BL1415G/ BL1430G

BL1815G and so on
× NOT compatible for 18v Ni-CD battery such as 1822(194465-7)

Warm Tips:

1.After the car wash machine is used, it should run empty for a few seconds to drain the residual water in the machine, avoid oxidizing dirt and freezing for weather reasons, and store it in a dry and cool place.

2.Do not store in the trunk of the car in hot weather to avoid fire caused by high temperature.

3.Batteries need to be kept away from water.Remove the battery after use, so as not to affect battery life.

Q & A:

1. Q: Why is the water pressure so small
1. A: The water pressure is related to the battery and the nozzle. First, check if the battery has electricity, and then check the nozzle. You can rotate to adjust the water pressure, and you can choose the water pressure that suits you.

2. Q: Why did I find water when I received the car washer Is it a second-hand product
2. A: No, we guarantee that our products are brand-new products, and there is water because we have to conduct inspections to ensure that the car washing machine sent to you is correct.

Q & A
Q1: Why does the car washing machine not start after turning on the switch
A1: Maybe the battery is out of power, please charge

Q2: Why is there no water after turning on the car washing machine
A2: Observe whether the water pipe is bent and the water cannot be released; press the car washer for more than ten seconds and wait for the water to be sucked into the car washer

Q3: Why is the water pressure so small
A3: The size of the water pressure has a certain relationship with the nozzle, you can choose to replace the nozzle; when the battery is used up, the water pressure will be low, please charge

Additional information

Motor Type

Universal Motor

Item Length


Include Accessories


Item Type

Car Washer

Item Weight


Item Width


Model Name

High Pressure Car Wash Water Gun

External Testing Certification


Item Height


Power Supply

Lithium Battery

Water Pipes Length


Handle Type

Finger Grip

Nozzle Material



12V or 25V



Flow Rate




Lithium Battery Capacity

0 or 12000mAh or 15000mAh


160W or 240W

Working Pressure

22Bar or 30Bar

Name 1

Power Washer

Name 2

Cordless Washer Gun

Name 3

Water Pump