Decorations For Desk Vintage Executive Knight-Kneeling Pen Holder
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Decorations For Desk Vintage Executive Knight-Kneeling Pen Holder



Do you want something useful and unique for your desk or table? If you work, you may want to décor your own working desk with your favorite stuff. To add a unique and vintage vibe, you must choose this Knight-Kneeling Pen Holder. Like its name, the main function of it is a pen holder on your table. So, you will put your pen on this stuff, and it makes finding your pen on the desk easier. Of course, this is very useful, especially for those who don’t like to put the pen in the shirt’s pocket.

Besides the pen holder, the unique design of the pen holder is so attractive and eye-catching. Even when you don’t use it as its main function, you can still put this as your desk decoration. People who come to your desk must be so interested in this pen holder. Look at the function, this pen holder can be the best gift for your working partner or even for your boss. The vintage vibe of it shows your loyalty. So, do you want to have one? Let’s order it now!

Features & Specifications

  • Designed in unique vintage in a knight-kneeling shape, it can be used as a pen holder and as desk decoration at the same time. Even when you don’t use it as a pen holder anymore, this product can be put on your display as collections.
  • A pen holder that is specially made for all executives to help them in putting their pen on the table.
  • Made of quality resin, this pen holder is durable or not easily damaged. You can keep or use the pen holder for years without any complicated maintenance. Besides, you only need to wipe it if you want your pen holder clear from the dust..
  • Suitable for 14 cm pen holder with the best size: 150 mm long x 100 mm wide x 150 mm high. Packing size: 19 x 14 x 17.5 cm. Weight: 0.955 kg.
  • Choose your favorite color! Available in 3 color options: Gold, Silver, and Blue.

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