Cool Gadgets to Ease Your Life in 2018!

A collection of cool gadgets will give you a lot of convenience in your life. It provides you with many specific reasons as well as technological sophistication in 2018. We are not just talking about Smartphone. In fact, some good options you can consider such as laptops, TVs, and many more. So, what’s so special about the products? This is 2018, and fortunately there are many great changes. The choices are Samsung Galaxy S8, Dell XPS 13, and LG C7 Oled Series.

Introduction to Our Recommended Cool Gadgets

It is great to know the material and designs of the cool gadgets. Why? There, we can ensure that every product is durable and persist in all conditions. All these products are designed from the finest materials and the most elegant designs. Well, elegant is not enough. However it should satisfy the user’s convenience. So, these three products meet the recommendation.


S8 is a perfect phone as it is designed for the premium class of cool gadgets. With the weight on 155 g and dimensions 148.9 x 68.1 x 8 mm, you can make your life easier by more specs such as 5.8 inch screen size, Exynos 8895, 4 GB RAM, and 64 GB storage. Meanwhile, Dell XPS 13 is the best laptop you can find at a cool price and surely perfect functions. The features of cool gadgets use Intel Core i3 -i7, Intel HD Graphics 620, and ranked as ideal option for Ultrabook series. Next is LG C7 OLED Series with 2 screen size options consist of 55 inch and 65 inch. This is a great smart TV using OLED panel technology and supported with series of high advanced innovations of cool gadgets.


Firstly from cool gadgets, S8 is a dazzling, bezel-less infinity display with strong battery. At least, you can use this for everyday activities, from work, hobbies, or anything that should be using a Smartphone. Dell XPS 13 is the best laptop for you who want a fastest process. The TV is a great option of cool gadgets with stunning contrast-rich pictures and a gorgeous ultra-thin design.


Well, those are cool gadgets to buy. But we also understand that there is always a weakness in every product. Not the kind of weakness that will harm you, but you can consider it before buying. Well, for some reasons, the S8 have irritating biometrics and some say about a bloat ware on Bixby thing. Also, the laptop does not have Windows Hello and still on poor webcam position. The last gadget perhaps lacks of brightness; and, sometimes there are noise problems.

Who Needs This?

So, who need all of those cool gadgets? You, maybe? As we mention on the title, those are cool gadgets to ease your life on this year. If you are a student or an office worker, you can consider the first two, or even the last. Well, the last is a product that is generally recommended for families. However, everyone can even use cool gadgets for personal use.


Lastly, the special matters from those products are the price with high advanced technology. You can prepare the budget from 576.88 Dollar to 1399 Dollar if you want to pick on of those cool gadgets.