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What are the Abilities of Jigglypuff?

jigglypuffJigglypuff is a very adorable type, but it has amazing abilities to watch out for. As a Fairy type, it’s natural to have a cute and innocent form. The name consists of two words, Jiggle and Pugg. Jiggle is a shake; Puff is a cloud. So, Jigglypuff is a Pokemon who likes to sing hoping that the listeners will dance to enjoy the song.

Jigglypuff Form

The first impression when you see Jigglypuff; can it fight? Of course, they can. But let’s pokemon toys pokeball toylook at the form first. This is a type of Pokemon with a height of no more than 1 meter and weighing 5.5 kg. According to statistics, Jigglypuff has an average power, and a balanced level of attack. It is shaped like a hairy ball, with a pair of ears, wide eyes, and hair in front. Also, it is like always smiling and that often tricking your opponent. Anyone will be captivated by this cute, big, round-eyed creature. It has no other form, but comes from Igglybuff at level 174. At level 40, it can evolve into Wigglypuff. When reaching the ultimate form, Jigglypuff will be slightly higher.

The Abilities

So, what are Jigglypuff powers? We already mentioned that. Yes, the strength is the allure of this cute form. Why? Because it’s singing. It is a dangerous song when heard by the enemy. The vocal cords can be adjusted to adjust the sound waves and make the enemy sleepy and fall asleep. The songs vary depending on the area they live in. Some of them often sound like screaming, so you must be careful.

As a gentle creature, it has a weakness when dealing with steel and poison. So, this might be suitable for dealing with enemies from a certain distance. There are many combinations of abilities that you can find from this Jigglypuff.