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What is Vulpix Ability?

Vulpix is a fox-shaped creature with nine tails according to Japanese mythology. This creature has a cute face with tiny bangs but actually has extraordinary abilities as in the Pokemon world. Also, Vulpix Ability can evolve in the form of white Alola.

Vulpix Abilities

So, what is vulpix ability ? It is a Fire type as using it as main power. With a height of 0.6 m and weighing 9.9 kg, it can release a continuous fire. As a Pokemon in the form of a small brown fox, it has 5 tails, with a maximum CP of 831. Some abilities are Ember, Quick Attack, Flamethrower, Body Slam, and Flame Charge.

Alola Form

This Vulpix works by manipulating fireballs to catch preys. You can maintain it from a small size, and it will grow as a Pokemon that is very familiar and loyal to you. The highest level reaches 037, and he can change color to white, namely Alola. The story begins when it came to the Alola region and met humans. It chose to reside and lived in snowy mountains. Apart from other Pokemon, it transformed into ice foxes. Generally, they lived separately in a small family of two or three. They were used to helping each other and being loyal to each other. In this form, Vulpix can exhale frozen breath with a temperature of less than 50 degrees Celsius from the mouth.

The Weakness and Ultimate Form

It is weak against attacks from Water, Soil, and Rock. So, it is advisable to avoid opponents with this type. What about Vulpix evolution? Alola turned into Alolan Nintales which is a holy messenger where people worship and fear it. This ultimate form has a gentle nature and helps humans. But it will also go berserk if anyone dares to damage the area. You must reach 038 level for this ultimate Vulpix.

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