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What Is the Weakness of Snorlax?

Snorlax is a unique type of Pokemon. It has the nickname as a sleeping Pokemon. It has a big body and looks like a slacker, and indeed it often falls asleep while snoring. That’s why it’s called like that. Snor comes from Snore and Lax which means lazy. However, it has privileges so many trainers use it. From the early generation to the present, it is very useful to defend the gym from enemy attacks. Lets learn about Snorlax.

Snorlax Abilities

About Snorlax, actually, it is a normal Pokemon type. The shape and weight are things that stand out. It is 2.11 m high and weighs 460 kg, and has several special abilities. Snorlax can attack while healing itself quickly. Overall, there are 3 abilities from this creature:

Immunity. It can attack while healing itself quickly. So, this will be very troublesome for opponents who have this ability. Whereas, it will be very useful as the foremost fortress.

Thick Fat. It is the ability to resist the attack of ice and fire. It reduces half of normal attacks.

Gluttony. It is the hidden ability which make it eat pinch berries when HP is below 50 percent.

The second ability is recommended because most opponents use fire and ice attacks. But what if you face this creature? There are some Snorlax weaknesses that you can use in certain situations.

The Weakness

about snorlax

Snorlax weakness is from the type of Pokemon that you will use to attack. At least, there are 5 Pokemon that you can use to beat this fortress. They are Lapras, Machamp, Arcanine, Exeggutor, and Dragonite. Lapras can withstand various types of attacks, moreover if the big Pokemon doesn’t have a hyper beam attack, you can win easily. You can find the same ability in Arcanine, but you have to be careful because it has a lower defensive. Well, try them to beat Snorlax.

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