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What is Raichu Weakness?

At a glance, Raichu looks like Pikachu. Right. It is the evolution of Pikachu. Like the initial shape, it has long ears, short legs and arms. There are two horizontal brown lines on the back. Got a long, thin tail, shaped like a lightning bolt. Actually, Raichu doesn’t have fingers.

Raichu Form

Raichu is a brownish yellow creature with some white part in the stomach. Big soles of the feet, ears brown on the outside and yellow on the part. There is an electric bag on the yellow cheek. The name comes from a combination of Rai (lightning) and chuchu (its sound). Pikachu can turn into it after touching thunderstone. The weight is 30 kg and height is 0.8 m.


Raichu has a special Static ability. Raichu can be paralysis when it comes to enemies. The trainer can use it as effectively as possible during the fight. Also, it is able to move fast and agile, making it easy for close combats. This Pokemon is resistant to Steel, Electric, Flying, on deals 63 percent damage. On level 40, it can reach maxium HP for 134.  Actually it is the strongest, but not all trainers success to reach the highest level. So you must solve the challenges and reach the higher point.

Raichu Weakness


Raichu weakness is vulnerable to Ground attack. It costs 160 percent damage so you must be very careful while using it. One more thing, you must reach such a level of Pikachu to get this ultimate form. Another disadvantage is when facing an enemy with equal strength. There are some Pokemon which could handle the battle with Raichu. They are Groudon, Garchomp, Rhyperior, Mamoswine, Deoxys, and all of them use Ground attack. Even, Groudon can launch attack with damage cost until 100 percent. Make sure that you can use Pikachu and achieve the ultimate form of Raichu.

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