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What is Gengar Weakness?

Talk about Gengar? Gengar’s form may seems funny, since we live in Pokemon world toys. But don’t be fooled with its appearance. Gengar is a type of Ghost or Poison and very dangerous because of the fast attack behind darkness. It hides in the shadow, lurking, and ready to absorb heat from the target.

The Origin of Gengar

What is actually Gengar? With a grinning face, and actually impressed antagonists’ style, but has a funny shape so it doesn’t look creepy. Dark purple, red eyes, ears sticking out, and spikes on the back, that’s the look. It is the final form before Gastly at level 092 and Ghost at level 093. Originally, it is human. But it tries to find travel partners by taking other human lives. Height is 1.5 m and body weight are 40.5 kg. With posture and ability, it will be a dangerous opponent. One more thing, you can’t hatch it from an egg.

Gengar Abilities

It has a Levitate ability, so it will make it immune to any Ground attacks. When it evolves to Mega Gengar, it has Shadow capabilities that will make the opponent trapped and unable to escape. When it has become Mega Gengar, it has extra abilities. In fact, it will be very immune to every Fighting and Normal attack. Meanwhile, the Poison and Bug attacks only impact a quarter, likewise with Grass and Fairy attacks that only affect half. So, can’t it be defeated? It still has some weaknesses.

The Weakness

Gengar weakness depends on how you pick the Pokemon. You can beat it and the ultimate version by using Ghost attacks. Yes, it must have an equal opponent. In addition, it is also weak in Dark and Psyhick attacks. The damage effect will be doubled if you use these types of attacks. So, we must play carefully if you face this Gengar.

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