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What Gender is Gordevoir?

Gordevoir is a special Pokemon, because it resembles a human figure, or rather a woman. But what attracts attention is the type of gender. She or he wore a piece of clothing that might look like a dress, with perfect curves. In fact, it has two gender traits, which is more dominant in femininity. So, let’s check at this Pokemon.

Gordevoir Gender
Talk about this Gordevoir, almost everyone would agree that it is a woman. The name comes from French which means guarding (garde) and seeing (voir). Although it consists of males and females, it actually represents the nature of women. Well, let’s call it “she”.

There is a red body part. It can be seen from front to back. That’s what represents her heart. That said, it symbolizes the nature of a woman who is open, ready to love, but sensitive, or vulnerable to any damage. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have good abilities. According to her name, she is a guard. Gordevoir equips with a knife-shaped arm but has no protection for herself. Yes, that is a pretty good metaphor. Given, her nature tends to protect others, like a mother.

Gordevoir evolution starts from its original form, which is Kirlia on level 30. Also, it can evolve to ultimate form, Mega Gordevoir, by using Gardevoirite. She has psychokinesic powers to distort dimensions and create small black holes. This Pokemon will try to protect the Trainer even though she has to risk her life.


A pair of hands can extend with gloves, and they function to detect threats from enemies. She can use psychic powers to see the future. Another ability is being able to fly or float because she is not affected by gravity. If you play with safe protection, then one of the best choices is Gordevoir.

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