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What Evolves into Lucario?

About Lucario

Lucario is a pokemon handsome looking type, and at a glance will remind us a mythology from Ancient Egypt. Yes, it is. He has the appearance of Anubis, a God who judges dead souls. But there are opposite differences. This Pokemon have the ability to see the souls pass through their auras. Also, it has a cool style, like a boxer. Yet, it actually still has relations with Egypt, because boxing first is originated in that country.

The Nature of Lucario
Lucario is look as a high-ranking and dignified creature. He is also very loyal to the trainers, and has a passion for defending the truth. Lucario Pokemon live in mountain forests that are very far from human reach. They are of a rare type and can only be found in the wild. Although it’s rather difficult to find them, you always have the opportunity to hunt them.

The Evolution
He has a combination as a fighter and comes from the evolution of Riolu. Lucario evolution can be achieved by increasing friendship levels during the day. There’s more, it can do Mega Evolution if you use Lucarionite’s Mega Stone.

In some game series, Lucario has a Fighting-Steel combination in each type but that has three weaknesses. These weaknesses are the Fighting, Ground, and Fire attacks because can double the damages. Again, there are several attacks of Normal, Ice, Grass, Steel, Dark, and Dragon types which can reduce damage. But you can make it immune from poison attacks. The good news, Lucario is the type with the best speed.

You can turn that into number one killer with special speeds. Usually, it is use as Physical Sweeper or Special Sweeper. After all, it will always be flexible to any Sweeper position. Therefore, if you need a type for attack speed and stability, one of the best choices is Lucario.

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