What Evolves into Charizard?

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About Charizard

Charizard is one character in the Pokemon world as Fire and Fly type. It is shaped like a dragon with two horns with wide wings. It also moves and hovers like a dragon. So, how can we get it?

The Evolution of Charizad

Charizard evolved from Charmeleon. When it was still in the form of Charmeleon, as you can see, it only has one horn. To become Charizard, you must reach level 36. In the storyline, it was captured by Ash while still in the form of Charmeleon. Over time, it developed into a formidable, strong, and very obedient creature.

The Skill Training

Charizard evolution is very easy when you reach the level. You only need to pay attention to how to exercise its strength. With practice, strength will be more resilient and it can launch more attacks from other Pokemon. One more thing, it can bring another Pokemon while flying. The superiority of this creature is being able to defeat Articuno and Blastoise. In addition, it can also subdue attacks from Blastoise and Poliwrat, both of which have water elements.

Ultimate Form


The ultimate form is Mega Charizard. It consists of two types, namely Mega charizard X and Mega charizard Y. We can identify the differences from the combination of the two types. Type X has a black color with a combination of Fire Dragon. While the Y type has the color similar to ordinary. One thing to remember, it can indeed defeat other Pokemon with water elements. But it only works for some creatures. In fact, it’s weak when facing attacks from Air and Electric types which double the damage effect. Also, it can be defeated by Rock types.

As a result, you must be able to improve HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed on maximum level. Firstly, make sure to start properly the evolution of Charizard.

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