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What Does Dragonite Mean?

Dragonite is the strongest evolution of Dratini. In this case, you will several times meeting and found Dratini. Because Dratini or dragonite is the most well-known Pokemon. Conversely, to achieve such evolution, you will need large CP. So here we are, getting to know more about the Pokemon type.

More CP to Reach Dragonite Level

How much CP do we need to reach Dragonite level? To reach such a level, you must have more than 3000 CP. With this evolution, it will have great strength and toughness through bursts of fire from the mouth. And, you have to start from Dratini with a little CP and extra patience.

The Evolution Level and Weakness

Let’s take a look at Dragonite evolution.

First of all, you must have Dratini. It has a maximum CP of 983 and HP 76. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to find, you have to browse the map and hatch it. Dratini is weak against attacks from the Ice, Fairy, and Dragon types.

The next level before Dragonite is Dragonair. It has a difference in a sharper tail with two circles. There is a small horn on the head, and in the neck, you can see a circle like a crystal. To achieve this, the trainer must collect a CP of 1747. This includes being very strong in one attack. It has the same weakness as Dratini.

The ultimate level is Dragonite. This is the final evolution in the form of a dragon that has wings and can fly. Its capability is spitting fire and is very strong in air strikes, and tough against similar opponents. You must have a CP of 3500 and 155 HP. The disadvantages are facing Dragon, Rock, Fairy, and Ice. The reason, these attacks will have an impact four times the damage. During the summon in battle, you must be careful, especially facing the same type. Well, that’s about the Dragonite.

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