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Must-have Pokemon Plush Toys

Must-have Pokemon Plush Toys That You’d Want for Your Collection If you love to collect Pokemon stuff, your collection isn’t complete yet if you don’t have Pokemon plush toys. Don’t know where to start for your plush toys collection? Don’t worry. We can help with that. Checkout our must-have plush toys list below. Ready? Let’s […]

What Does Dragonite Mean?

Dragonite is the strongest evolution of Dratini. In this case, you will several times meeting and found Dratini. Because Dratini or dragonite is the most well-known Pokemon. Conversely, to achieve such evolution, you will need large CP. So here we are, getting to know more about the Pokemon type. More CP to Reach Dragonite Level […]

What is Gengar Weakness?

Talk about Gengar? Gengar’s form may seems funny, since we live in Pokemon world toys. But don’t be fooled with its appearance. Gengar is a type of Ghost or Poison and very dangerous because of the fast attack behind darkness. It hides in the shadow, lurking, and ready to absorb heat from the target. The […]

What are the Abilities of Jigglypuff?

Jigglypuff is a very adorable type, but it has amazing abilities to watch out for. As a Fairy type, it’s natural to have a cute and innocent form. The name consists of two words, Jiggle and Pugg. Jiggle is a shake; Puff is a cloud. So, talk about Jigglypuff is a Pokemon who likes to […]

What Evolves into Lucario?

About Lucario Lucario is a pokemon handsome looking type, and at a glance will remind us a mythology from Ancient Egypt. Yes, it is. He has the appearance of Anubis, a God who judges dead souls. But there are opposite differences. This Pokemon have the ability to see the souls pass through their auras. Also, […]

What Gender is Gordevoir?

Gordevoir is a special Pokemon, because it resembles a human figure, or rather a woman. But what attracts attention is the type of gender. She or he wore a piece of clothing that might look like a dress, with perfect curves. In fact, it has two gender traits, which is more dominant in femininity. So, […]

What Is the Weakness of Snorlax?

Snorlax is a unique type of Pokemon. It has the nickname as a sleeping Pokemon. It has a big body and looks like a slacker, and indeed it often falls asleep while snoring. That’s why it’s called like that. Snor comes from Snore and Lax which means lazy. However, it has privileges so many trainers […]

What Evolves into Charizard?

About Charizard Charizard is one character in the Pokemon world as Fire and Fly type. It is shaped like a dragon with two horns with wide wings. It also moves and hovers like a dragon. So, how can we get it? The Evolution of Charizad Charizard evolved from Charmeleon. When it was still in the […]

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