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RC Cars for Sale You Can Get in the Market

RC Car For Sale

In general, RC cars for sale can be divided into 2 categories, namely the toy car category and the hobby car category. Hobby class cars are usually more expensive, but have better quality, are usually more complex to use, and are designed for remote control car hobbyists.

On the other hand, toy class cars are usually intended for small children to play with because of their cheaper price and fairly simple use.

Racing RC cars have a more eye-catching design. The colors are made striking with a variety of stickers. Large products such as RC trucks are also easy for children to like. The product will have unique features, for example, a movable crane.

Meanwhile, off-road RC cars for sale are made to be played outdoors. By design, the product may not be as attractive as the others because it prioritizes function.

However, many manufacturers have made off-road RC cars with attractive displays for children. Usually, the body is made colorful or uses a design themed on the children’s favorite characters.

Get to Know RC Cars for Sale in the Market

When buying a remote control car, you also have to pay attention to the car’s performance and the range of the radio controller or remote control. Like seeing the car’s ability to turn and how much the maximum speed of the car is going.

For remote control, some are short and some are long. The quality of this remote control will also affect the price. The farther the radio transmitter is controlled, the more expensive the price offered.

A remote control car with a wide transmitter distance will certainly make you more satisfied and free to play RC cars. Here are some models for your consideration:

Exotic Super Car Lamborgini Veneno

This RC cars for sale made of high-quality plastic material that provides ruggedness and crashworthiness. It’s equipped with direction spinner on the bottom so when it doesn’t walk in a straight line, you can easily adjust the car automatically.

Other than that, it can be an educational toy for children. They can learn their control ability while having fun with their RC car. Available in various colors, it also has a high speed of maximum 10 km/h. This toy is suitable for children age 3 or older.

RC Car for Ferrari FXX-K & Lamborghini Sport

Made of plastic with high quality components make it one of the best choices for you. Available in red color, the dimension is 20.5*8.35*5.15 cm so it’s not too big for kids.

It’s powered with 3 * 1.5V AA batteries. The battery is not included so you must get them separately. For the transmitter, you will need 2 more pieces of 1.5V AA batteries.

This RC car is safe for kids of 6 years old or older. The remote distance is up to 25 m and can last for 25 minutes. This way, you can have a racing party with your friends.

If you already know what kind of model you want, you can buy it online. Buying RC cars for sale should be done in a trusted place like our shop.

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