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Pokemon Toys Collection for All Pokemon Fans

All fans should get cool choices from Pokemon Toys. Of couse, they should also be of quality toys: Pokemon Toys that we can treat it as a collection item, and not just as a perishable object. Adventure stories in the Pokemon world lead us to many unique and special characters. Now, they are delivered to the real world as three new options for all Pokemon fans.

Realistic Crystal Pokeball Pokemon Toys

Do you have a poke ball? Yes, that is a memorable identity. Yet, there are not many Pokemon Toys that offer a modern, fresh concept, and still have strong features from the device. This crystal ball will change your perspective. From an object that presents a living character from inside the ball. The ball is designed with 3D laser engraved, made of crystal material. Of the approximately 800 characters in the original story, the company released more than 60 different Pokemon Toys choices. Everything is available with three choices of settings, as fixed composition, can be rotated, or just balls.

Only $ 39.95 per item, perfect your collection of these Pokemon Toys. Such a good deal for a perfect collection in a modern style. One of the interesting things is the seven color LEDs that change automatically on rotated balls. Check in the image, and make your best crystal ball decision.

Pokemon Go 3D Lamp

A Pokemon Toys collector will always hunt for the best and special things. This product has the main function as a decoration lamp with a three-dimensional style. When you turn it on, the creatures will shine and come out accompanying your nights. Pokemon Go 3D Lamp is an item that you can put in your room or as a mere decoration on certain spots. This product is made from material that is not easily scratched or torn. It is caused by protective material so it is safe for anyone including children.

Basically, this is a bulb with power from single AA battery. But as Pokemon Toys collection, this is a special choice. You will not arbitrarily place this and turn it on anytime. Therefore, most customers use this for decoration in cafes or creative offices. This product is available for $29.95 per item.

Cute Pokemon Plush Toys

Most people think that dolls are an overrated choice for a collectible item. Some of them think this is a toy for children, and only works for limited purpose. But this cute Pokemon Plush can make a different concept once you put it in a perfect layout. This nano doll type is very secure because made from plush and PP cotton filling. It has various sizes from 17 cm and 30 cm. The question, is this good?

Let’s check the Pokemon Toys details. With the right size, each character is designed with soft and smooth details. You will realize it in the ideal color and gradation. Indeed, there are differences in Pokeball Toy size based on the character of the original pictures. For examples, the Pikachu size is 22 cm, while the others are different like Mariil (16cm), Venusaur (15 cm), Litten (20 cm), Diglett (16 cm), and many more. So, the recommended thing is to choose your favorite character and check the size according to the image. Offered at affordable prices, you can buy one item for $ 17.95. In general, this product is very cool and safe for children.

Well, they are Pokemon Toys choices to complete your collection. For quality matters, you don’t need to doubt. All Pokemon Toys have been guaranteed as modern collection products and are valid for all ages. You can order directly online, choose your items, make transactions, and wait for the goods to arrive at your place. Check more great collections as you explore those Pokemon Toys.

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