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Pokemon Go Eevee Names

Know Your Eevee: Pokemon Go Eevee Names and Their Effects

Naming the Pokemon you just catch in Pokemon Go is usually not that important. With Eevee, however, it matters a lot if it is your first time. When you give your Eevee the right name, it will affect its evolution. What are these Pokemon Go Eevee names? Read on below and you will know the names and their effects.

Pokemon Go Eevee Names

There are seven names you can use to get a specific Eevee evolution. These names are Pyro, Sparky, Rainer, Tamao, Sakura, Rea, and Linnea. Each of these names results in a certain type of Eevee evolution. Let’s get to the details of the names.

  • Pyro

If you rename your Eevee Pyro, when it evolves it will turn into Flareon, a fire-type Pokemon.

  • Sparky

Want your Eevee to be a lightning-type Pokemon? Rename it as Sparky, then.

  • Rainer

Need a water-type in your Pokedex? Rename the Eevee you just catch as Rainer and you will get one.

  • Tamao
Pokemon Go Eevee Names

If you love a black-colored Pokemon, then you will love the dark-type Umbreon. To get one, rename your Eevee as Tamao and you will get Umbreon.

  • Sakura

Eevee can be evolved into a psychic-type Pokemon as well. Rename your Eevee as Sakura and you will get an Espeon.

  • Rea

If an ice-type Pokemon is what you need, just rename your Eevee as Rea. It will turn into Glaceon when it evolves.

  • Linnea

Finally, Linnea. This name will evolve our Eevee into Leafeon, a leaf-type Pokemon.

By naming your Eevee with any of the above, your Eevee will get the corresponding evolution. Beware, though. This nickname trick can only be used one time.


You can use this Pokemon Go Eevee names trick once to get the evolution you want. If completing your Pokedex is what you want, getting each of the evolution will be enough. If, however, you intend to get more than one of specific evolution, you need to do certain things. For example, you need to walk 10 km and evolve your Eevee to get Umbreon (if evolved at night) or Espeon (if evolved at day).

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