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Pokemon Evolutions Booster Box Details and Features

Pokemon Evolutions Booster Box

The Pokemon evolutions booster box becomes a must-have collection. It is especially if you are one of the fans of this characteristic. They have the amazing look and printed exclusively to complete your collections at home.

It cannot be denied that Pokemon is getting really famous. Its popularity has been started from man years ago. Everything is started from the cute cartoon movie with the yellow unique animal as the main characteristic.

As time goes by, that characteristic is applied in the game industries. The million gamers join and play that game everyday. That is why; you can find the accessories easily. Here is the special thing about this Pokemon evolutions booster box

Details and Features to Know

These things are the perfect item to start your journey. The player will get the new class and heights where the evolutions are expansed. So, are you ready for that? First of all, please find out about the detail.

This booster box is a bran new product and the factory sealed told. It contains 36 booster packs in total. Each pack consists of the ten random cards. However, don’t worry because there is a guarantee.

That guarantee is about a promise that it always have at least one rare card and also a holiday foil card as well. For your information, this product is released on the October 31, 2016 or for about 5 years ago.

This item shows a great expansion of Pokemon in this world. The diverse variants inside this Pokemon evolutions booster box is beyond great. That is why; many experts said that they are special.

The Cards Inside the Pack

In each package provided, players can find cards that vary. there is Mega Charizard EX, Mega Venusaur ex, and definitely Mega Blastoise EX. Apart from that, you can also get wild surprises.

The examples are the nine tales BREAK, dragonite EX, Marciano BREAK, and like the Mega Slowbro EX. What a classic hard battling for the Pokemon and it seems that the old school trainers are invented to the new generation.

So, complete your collection by purchasing this box. Play it together with friends to make it is more fun and looks real at the same time. If it is not, just let it be your collection to make other people admire it.

The Pokemon Evolutions Booster Box Physical Appearance

In more detail, the dimension of this item is 6.8 x 3.8 x 0.1 inches. It means the size is perfect for any aims. For your information, this card is printed in the United States of America by using the thick paper.

You don’t have to worry anything since it has the high-quality look. It will not break or scratch easily. The colors and images there are also exclusive. It can raise your class as a Pokemon fan.

It is recommended to ask for the extra packaging to protect this product during the delivery process. Furthermore, please note that this Pokemon evolutions booster box is suitable for 6+ kids age.

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