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Multi Function of Infrared Massager Pillow

Talk about Massager Pillow Function, having Shiatsu massager pillow is no longer a dream! Now everybody can enjoy professional Shiatsu massage and acupressure anywhere anytime! Big thanks to the body massager pillow! As the name suggests, this product comes with the comfort pillow and relaxing sensation of a massager. Whenever you suffer from lower left back pain, neck pain, or simply want to relax, this pillow can be a nice pick. Infrared Massager Pillow can be the best choice.

It is made of top-quality materials that ensure your comfort when using this product. The combination of ergonomic design and ease-of-use feature bring all the comfort and convenience you need to relax and soothe those pains. Feel the goodness of Shiatsu massage without wasting any more time to go out or calling nearby professional Shiatsu massager as this Infrared massager pillow will do everything right away for you.

Body Massager Pillow Specs to Relieve Lower Left Back Pain

A multi function Infrared massager pillow is a machine equipped with rollers and motors to generate knead and massage movements. This electric tool also features infrared technology that has been known for its health benefits. A regular 15-minutes massage session everyday can help relieve pain and improve overall health. Thanks to infrared technology that can improve blood circulation and promote better sleep.

The body massager pillow boasts modern and stylish design with curves. It measures 31cm by 10cm by 18cm, allowing you to carry the tool to your office or during travels. It can slip easily into your bag so you can use shiatsu massager anywhere and anytime. The pillow is built from composite mesh material that feels so soft to your skin. The mesh also enables your skin to breathe during massage session.

When it comes to massage rollers, three variants are available. You can choose a pillow with 4, 6, or 8 rollers as desired. If you need a massager that comes in handy, four-roller pillow will be an ideal choice. It works great for any parts of your body including neck, back, waist, abdomen, calf, and even feet. Simply place the tool on affected area and enjoy the massage. If you are looking for complete Shiatsu Massage experience, then 8 rollers will fit you the best.

There are three different modes that offered by this electric infrared pillow: knead, turn, and reverse. These modes can be chose according to the pain location. To change between modes, simply press the function mode button and it will change within moment.

Press the button to switch on the massager. Press again to enjoy default knead and hot compress for 60 seconds. If you want to change mode, press the button again. It takes you to reverse massage mode with hot compress for another 60 seconds. Press again to change to knead and normal massage mode and turn off the hot compress. Press the button again to switch off the massager pillow.

Are you interest to bring this personal massager to your home? This tool is suitable for all ages so your children can enjoy the massage and hot compress. It can also be your best partner to improve productivity while working. With all the features, this is a great alternative to regain your healthy and active life. Get rid of lower left back pain and live a better healthy life with this body shiatsu massager pillow.

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