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Hidden Fates Booster Box Lists and Where to Buy

Hidden Fates Booster Box Lists

The hidden fates booster box is more than ready to make the collector proud. This series comes with the all-time popular thing, the Pokemon TCG. This is clearly a dream for every pokelector In the world.

In the market there are several boxes available for the complete and exclusive trainer set. Each booster box consists of the 10 trading cards. There is also a code card there which can be used for the online trading card game.

The price of this item is actually not that expensive. Please make sure to buy it from the right people or shop in order to get the reasons price for the hidden fates. Here are the complete explanation about this hidden fates booster box.

Where to Buy it?

It actually depends on the type of the item itself. The regular set is available in various shops. You can buy them online and offline. Usually, they will show the pictures of the products as well.  You can also choose various pokemon card set in our store.

Meanwhile, you should know that there is also a special item. They are usually called the 2019 special holiday set. From the name, it can be noted that the played need the more effort to buy these cards.

Based on the trusted sources, the 2019 special holiday sets are only available through the limited edition item. In the other words you can say that they won’t be sold at the regular stores just like other products.

That is why; getting that hidden fates booster box is so challenging. However, you can feel happy and proud while the items are in your hand. For your information, so many people have been completing it. So, nothing is impossible.

Some Hidden Fates Booster Box List

Those cards were released in August 2019. However, the factory did not launch all the produce at the same time. They made a schedule and precise time to release it to public. It makes everything is more interesting.

However, you should know several variants owned by this series. All of them are so amazing and worth to buy. Knowing the cards will make you are easier to hunt it at stores. Below are some of those lists.

  1. Hidden Fates Pin Collection

This one comes consists of the Mewtwo and mew. Those are quite popular if you are a senior fan of Pokemon. For the information, the hidden fates pin collection was released in August 23rd, 2019. They are available in many stores.

  1. The Fall Tin

This variant consists of some other cards. Those are like the Taichung GX, Charizard GX, or the Gyarados GX. This thing was released in September 6th, 2019. Until now, you can still find it from the sellers offline or online.

  1. The Elite Trainer Box

This one is also the most popular variants. It features the Moltres, zodiac, and articuno GX. Just like the fall tin, that elite trainer box was also released in September 20th, 2019. Go get it to complete your collection.

Those are not only the series that people can have. There are still some other cards to collect from this series. Being able to purchase all the hidden fates booster box items will be amazing for all collectors of Pokemon.

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