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Get Rid of Lower Right Back Pain

Get Rid of Lower Right Back Pain with Versatile Body Massager Pillow

Are you suffering from lower right back pain? It’s time to look for a proper treatment that helps bring your active life back. Massage has been known as an effective treatment to get rid of back pain or neck pain but finding a professional massager is not a piece of cake. Not even calculating the cost for each treatment and time needed to go out for getting it. Now, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. You can try to have body massager pillow that works on the affected area and soothe the pain immediately.

Lower Right Back Pain

There is a sizable selection of massager tools that you can find on the market. You need to narrow down your choice and give a shot of try to the multifunction body massager pillow with infrared. This device is built to meet your active lifestyle, combining modern and compact design with stylish look. Get to know more about the pillow and make your decision.

Lower Right Back Pain Massage Machine Description

 A multifunction massager pillow can be your best partner. Anywhere and anytime you need to soothe the pain, simply place the pillow on the affected area and feel the difference. It measures 31cm by 10cm by 18cm, allowing the tool to slip easily into your bag or briefcase. No need to worry about back pain or neck pain while you are in the office, thanks to this compact size massager.

From the design, this pillow delivers a modern and stylish look. It combines composite material with breathable mesh that helps radiate heat from the infrared. The tool is easy to open as it has large zipper. At the back, there is a power cord that can be connected to adapter. The cord lets you charge the device and enjoy its performance.

The Shiatsu and acupressure massager is available in three variants with 4, 6, or 8 massage rollers. It has high performance silence motor that works greatly to give kneads and massages just like professionals. You can enjoy three different modes with turn, knead, and reverse massages. Each mode is ideal for different pain location and severity.

The massager pillow is designed for all ages. It comes with a single button that enables you to operate the device with ease. The function button can be found on the top left of the device with on/off sign. Simply press the button to switch on the tool. Press the button again and the device start hot compress and knead for 60 seconds.

To change into different mode, press the button again. You will be directed to reverse massage mode with hot compress for another 60 seconds. Pressing for the fourth times stops hot compress and you can enjoy normal massage and knead. To switch off the device, press the button. Even if you have never used the similar tool before, you won’t find any difficulties when using this massager pillow.

If you plan to purchase the body massager pillow, you can shop online. It is available at low price. This massage tool can be a nice bet especially if you are hard workers who often suffer from lower right back pain or neck pain. It can serve as a professional Shiatsu massager which can give relaxation anywhere and anytime.

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