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Eevee Evolutions in Pokemon Go

A Brief Guide of Eevee Evolutions Pokemon Go for Eevee Lovers

There are just so many Pokemon in Pokemon Go. When it comes to evolutions, Eevee is surely among the most unique ones. Eevee has so many evolutions, from the fire-type Flareon to the psychic-type Espeon. Here, we will give you a brief guide of Eevee evolutions Pokemon Go so you know what evolutions Eevee can turn into.

Eevee Evolutions Pokemon Go

Eevee has seven evolutions, each corresponding to a specific type. These evolutions are Flareon (fire-type), Jolteon (lightning-type), Vaporeon (water-type), Umbreon (dark-type), Espeon (psychic-type), Glaceon (ice-type), and Leafeon (leaf-type).

How Do You Target the Evolutions?

Eevee’s evolutions can be targeted. The first and foremost trick is to use the naming trick. You see, Pokemon Go allows you to target your Eevee’s evolution one time with the name you gave it. Here are the names and the evolutions:

  • Pyro: Flareon
  • Sparky: Jolteon
  • Rainer: Vaporeon
  • Tamao: Umbreon
  • Sakura: Espeon
  • Rea: Glaceon
  • Linnea: Leafeon
evee evolution pokemon

When you name your Eevee evolutions pokemon as any of the above, it will evolve into the corresponding evolution. Do keep in mind that this naming trick can only work once.

The Other Way

There are other ways to get Eevee evolutions Pokemon. Each evolution requires specific steps to be done. For example, if you want to get Espeon or Umbreon, you need to make your Eevee as a Buddy then walks with it for 10 km. After that, evolve it. If you do this during the day, you will get Espeon. If you evolve it at night, Umbreonis what you will get.


As we mentioned in the beginning, there are many Eevee evolutions. Our brief guide above should help you with Eevee evolutions Pokemon Go. If this is your first time training an Eevee, you can try the naming trick to get the evolutions you want. One of each Eevee evolution is enough if you want to fill your Pokedex. But if you need more, you will need to do specific things to get the one you want.

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