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Best Face Wash for Oily Skin and Dry Skin

Need a Face Wash? Check Out The Best Face Wash for Oily Skin and Dry Skin

Everyone wants a radiant and smooth face. Face wash is a skincare treatment that can help to get that result. The thing is you need to find the right face wash for your skin. If you have an oily skin, you’d want the best face wash for oily skin. Likewise, if you have dry skin, you’d want the best face wash for dry skin. You need to selectively choose which face wash fits you best.

There are several items that can also be a complementary device that can boost your skin care treatment products effects in you further. One of them is the face massager.

Right now, we will explain further about two face wash products. The first one is made from pure Aloe Vera extract and the second one are made from natural organic fruits extract and white rice, and a face massager to enhance your skin treatment even further. Let’s get to each, shall we?

Best Face Wash for Oily Skin: with pure Aloe Vera Extract

If you don’t know how to deal with it, oily skin can be bothersome. This is so true since some ingredients may help to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin and at the same time, making the skin even oilier than before. Fortunately, there are ingredients that can bring benefits without drawback. That ingredient is pure Aloe Vera extract.

Pure Aloe Vera extract surely is beneficial for humans. It has various uses, including it. When it comes to skin, pure Aloe Vera extract has not just hydrating but also have rejuvenating effects. What makes it great for oily skin is that pure Aloe Vera extract brings those benefits without making the skin oilier.

There are many benefits that this pure Aloe Vera extract face wash provide. The following are some of the benefits

  • soothing and protecting the skin, including even sensitive skin
  • moisturizing the skin, giving it a smooth and supple appearance
  • prevent irritation caused by sunlight and other irritants
  • cleaning the face from impurities like residue and dirt

The best way to use this face wash is by combining it with warm water. Be sure that the water is not too hot. You don’t want to damage your face pores and layers. Then, creates foam from the mixture of water and the face wash and apply it to the face. Rinse the foam after a while and clean your face thoroughly.

For Dry Skin: Natural Organic Fruit Extract

Just because you have dry skin, doesn’t mean you should not take care of your face. You should do it and there are lots of face wash products that can help you with that. One of them is this Natural Organic Fruit Extract. This product suits all skin types, including dry skin.

First and foremost, this face wash for dry skin contains Hyaluronic acid. Combination of Hyaluronic acid ingredients with other vitamins will keep the skin hydrated, making it a great option for those who have dry skin. Not only that, but these combined ingredients also help to prevent wrinkles as it improves skin moisture.

Keeping the face skin hydrated and moisturized is not the only benefit from this face wash, of course. Its also cleanses your face from dirt and all impurities as well. And after using the face wash, you won’t feel your face skin dry at all. Amazing, isn’t it?

Another thing that makes this face wash a good choice is its variants. That’s right. It comes in 4 variants: kiwi extract, cherry extract, orange extract, and rice extract. All variants keep the skin radiant and moisturize it. All have the same non-irritating and mild formulas as well, making these natural organic fruit a great choice for dry skin.

Face Massager to Enhance Skin Care Routine

Regardless of whether you are using the best face wash for oily skin or for dry skin, it may not be enough to keep your face radiant and smooth. You need a face massager to make sure it can absorb all the vitamins from face wash deeply into the skin..

You can use this face massager in three ways: to clean and detox, photon skincare, and firming lifting. Each of these ways requires the device to be used with another skincare. There are also different usage duration and usage frequency as well. We will get into it below.

  • Clean and detox

To use the face massager for cleaning and detoxification, you need a makeup remover and cotton pad. What you need to do is to clean your face using the makeup remover and continue the cleaning using the device. This should be done for about 4 minutes per session, two or three times a week.

  • Photon skincare

If your skincare routine involves a face mask, this device can help enhance the benefits. First, apply the face mask on your face. Make sure it sits firmly. Then, use the device to massage your face back and forth. Each session should be 4 to 8 minutes long and done once per day.

  • Firming lifting

Lastly, firming lifting. Compared to the previous ways, this one is more flexible as it requires more frequently used skincare items such as water, face wash, lotion, and cream. After you finished your skincare routine, use the device to massage your face for about 1 to 2 minutes once a day.

One of the best features the face massager has is its portability. The device is small (the size is 5.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 17 cm) and wireless when used, making it very portable and practical. You can enhance your skincare routine whenever you want, wherever you want with this face massager.

There is no need to worry about the power source, either. You just need to fully charge the face massager for about 3 hours and the device is set and ready to go. If you want to make your skincare routine, including face wash, more effective and optimal, you should have a look at this very practical device.

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These are the products that can keep your face radiant and smooth. The first two are the face wash products that can be used for every type of skin including oily and dry skin types. The last one is a face massager device that brings various benefits to the face skin when combined with other skincare treatments.

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