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All in One Neck and Shoulder Massager

All in One Neck and Shoulder Massager with Infrared to Improve Your Life Quality

Back pain and neck pain can come to everyone. Suffering from this condition prevents you from doing normal activities. Everything just goes wrong, even you cannot sit or walk properly. Don’t let neck pain and back pain reduce your productivity! Neck and shoulder massager is what you need to regain productivity and bring back your normal life.

Neck and Shoulder Massager

This massager presents a versatile device that works greatly to relieve pain on your back and neck. This device is specifically designed to offer convenience and relaxing sensation. And yet, the hassle-free device is easy to set up. So you can enjoy a massage session right after it arrives at your house.

Neck and Shoulder Massager Descriptions

Say farewell to neck pain and back pain! This electric massager works well for your neck, back, and waist. This device features infrared technology that helps relieve pain and give relaxation to your body. It also boasts a comprehensive thermal protection, keeping the device from overheating to ensure your safety.

The massager is equipped with advanced technology to keep the surface warm. Once the temperature drops, the device automatically works to reheat so you can get the maximum benefit of each massage session. It also features high grade PU leather material that is soft, combined with breathable mesh that promotes your convenience when using the device.

It works well not only to relieve back pain and neck pain but also to support your overall health. This massager can increase flexibility, improve blood circulation, and alleviate muscle pain. If you suffer from insomnia, the massager can help promote better sleep. The machine is also suitable to use in the car as it can reduce heart rate and suppress stress level.

This tool is built with ergonomic design to ensure your convenience. It comes with 16 massager rollers on both sides, which means it has 8 massager rollers on each side. Thanks to the high performance motor that works silently so you can really enjoy each massage session. Having 15 minutes of regular massage helps improve your life quality.

This top quality product is equipped with intelligent button operation that lets you control the device with ease. You can find 2 types of neck and shoulder massager, the standard version which come with 4 buttons and upgraded version which come with 6 buttons.

Standard version comes with 4 different buttons that can be used for turning on / off the products, changing the rollers direction, changing the rollers intensity and controlling the heat of the massager.

While the upgraded version comes with 6 different buttons that offer different functionalities. Deceleration button allows you to reduce the kneading speed, which is ideal for mild pain. You can also increase the speed by pressing a button with + symbol. There is also heating button that enables you to enjoy relaxing and warm massage.  You can direction control of the massager rollers and the intensity of them. You also can set it up, until you find your most comfortable preference for maximum pleasure experience. There is also an energy saving button if you would like the products to run in low energy and not at its maximum capacity.

If you are interested to purchase this item, each package comes with a massager, an adapter, a car adapter cable, and user manual to help you use the product.

This neck and shoulder massager can be purchased at affordable price. You can save a lot of money as you don’t need to call a physiotherapist to relieve your neck pain, back pain, or waist pain. Needless to say, it is available anytime you need. Enjoy this versatile device and improve your life quality!

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