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A Must Have Pokemon Toys Collection

How many Pokemon Toys collections do you have? A big fan should know what he must have and what he hasn’t got. In 2019, Pokemon’s popularity peaks again since the trailer of its latest film is released. So, this time you can prepare yourself to find and choose the latest collection. Here are 3 Pokemon Toys you should consider to complete your item.

Realistic Crystal Pokeball Pokemon Toys

Our first option from Pokemon Toys is Realistic Crystal Pokeball. As you can see in the picture, this item will wake up your desire to have a poke ball. Yes, a poke ball. A magic ball that is the main feature of this legend to catch Pokemon. A ball can catch one Pokemon and keep it. Well, we know there are hundreds of Pokemon, and most of them still can’t be solved even by some diehard fans.

This realistic crystal pokeball has a large size, 80 mm as the diameter, which is designed on a more modern style. Made from a crystal material, it has a fairy 3D laser engraved theme. That’s why you can see your favorite Pokemon Toys in a transparent glowing ball. There are more than 60 characters and 100 product variants you can choose. Some of them are, well of course, Pikachu, Moltres, Vaporeon, Omanyte, Mewto, Eeve, and many more. You can get your favorite characters with their balls right now. Also, this is a good choice for those of you who want to entertain your children at night, or as a special gift for your friends who love it. For this toy, you can get it only for $39.95. You need to know that it’s actually discounted from $49.95. What you have to do is choosing your favorite character and making a transaction right now.

Pokemon Go 3D Lamp

This is for you who love artsy accessories for a room light. Pokemon Go 3D Lamp is a cool product which is made from acrylic and strong protection with film so it will not easily be scratched. There are 11 emitting color styles and 3 control options. You can pick switch one 3 color, touch one 7 color, or controller 7 color. Overall, these Pokemon Toys might not have a direct connection with the gadget as you see it in series or movies. But, all the choices have different characteristics, attractive colors, and yes, they are very realistic with those color lines.

You can use these Pokemon Toys for room decoration, or as a function to lighten up your room. This has got its power source from DC, AC, and dry battery, and got the certification from CE, RoHS, and CCC. It has 0-5 wattage with LED bulbs and ABS body material. To get this Pokemon Toys Go 3D Lamp, you can get it at the best price. After the discount from $39.95, you only have to pay for $39.95.

Cute Pokemon Plush Toys

Last, Cute Pokemon Plush Toys for perfect collection. There are lots of Pokemon Toys characters you can choose from this toy. With different sizes, you can pick a 22 cm Pikachu, 16 cm Bulbasaur, 18 cm Poliwrath, 20 cm Popplio, 20 cm Flareon, 16 cm Diglett, and many more. This Pokemon Plush is filling with PP cotton as plush or nano doll type.

You can give these Pokemon Toys for kids, as a decoration, or a special gift for your best friend. To get this cute toy, you have the opportunity of 39 percent off from the actual price. So, the deal is $17.95 for each time.

Well, those are three recommendations ranging from Pokeball Toy and the plush one. All will be very safe for your child, made of the best material, and will be the best collection of your Pokemon Toys.

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